K.Marinović - Supercars = Love

Karlo Marinović - Supercars = Love

This photo was taken in Zadar, Croatia. Really love this one! 

So, when we arrived at the parking lot, I immediately noticed a black Porsche 911 with black rims being parked just a few cars from us. I was amazed by it and went to take multiple shots of it, both with my DSLR and my phone, for social media. Then suddenly, an old man approached me and asked: "Do you like it?". I replied: "Woah, it´s really incredible! An every man´s dream." I thought a bit and asked politely: "Is it yours?" He started shaking his head up and down and added: "It´s my daughter´s. She is from Berlin." When his daughter arrived, he demanded to open the car´s roof just for me to take pictures of it. Really love meeting generous and nice people!

After that, I noticed another true beauty not far from me. A 2002 Corvette (if I´m not wrong)! Painted in golden champagne color, with chrome rims. Being a muscle car fan, I really liked the car! Went to take a few pictures of it, and found this lovely couple hugging behind it. Wanted to take a photo of the Corvette itself, but the shot turned out even better! Love these kinds of moments!

For the editing, I decided to go for that "film look", old school look, 35mm film, Leica, street photography kinda vibe. Added black borders as well! I edited it just in Lightroom and GIMP. I have really started liking Lightroom and the adjustment brush tool!


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